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Over the past ten years, our company's operations have centered on accurately simulating the development and dynamic organization of living tissue and its constituent cells. Broadly speaking, these efforts impact three segments of human need: health care, agriculture and energy.

Our activities have focused on bio-medical research and the development of enabling technologies to provide life scientists with new, broadly applicable tools: to investigate stem cell mechanisms, to speed the development of new drug therapies, or to better understand tissue regeneration, for example. In addition, the emerging fields of synthetic biology, bio-engineering, and bio- fuel alternatives provide promising opportunities in the near future.

Equally exciting is the portfolio of intellectual property we have derived over the course of the last decade in developing our core business.

Company Profile

We are an Idaho company with 10 employees and a Board of Directors comprising seven members. There are nineteen shareholders who own 1.4M shares. Combined funding to date has totaled more than $9M.

With over 20 patents to date, both issued and pending, we are making significant technical contributions in fields such as collision detection used in computer graphics, complex data profiling, synthetic biology, and cancer mechanisms.

The Future

We are beginning the process of key technology transfers which stand to substantially contribute to our cash reserves as well as fund the significant growth we have planned.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Endogenics, Inc., we are aggressively pursuing strategic partnerships and collaborations to augment existing work and expand into new research in cancer mechanisms, toxicology, stem cell biology and protein therapeutics.

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